Showcasing and Making Noise

Wizfinity specializes in organizing educational events, conferences, roundtables, national contests and awareness campaigns in India for government and private sector. The team has immense experience of working with renowned IT organizations and helping them culminate and showcase the success of their programs through events, workshops etc., and creating a lasting connection with stakeholders.


As part of our various offerings, we work with schools and help them foster digital skills and enhance creativity in the classrooms through various educational programs. Under Adobe Udaan program; we are proud to be the implementation partner for Adobe in India. As on date, we have partnered with multiple schools in North India and are aiming to support them with deployment of Adobe Creative Cloud Applications and training of educators on how to embed technology in classroom for better student learning outcome and providing showcase and recognition opportunities to schools, educators and students. This intervention is expected to impact more than 800+ educators and thousands of students who are using technology creatively in their expression. This endeavor is a continuous process and we expect many more partners in schools to accept technology driven creativity in classrooms for enhanced learning experience.

Some of our key solutions:

We continue to build trust with our clients through our passionate program execution strategies and improvisations of our core services to deliver cohesive solutions and services. We ensure that our offerings are in alignment with the strategic goals and objectives of our prospective partners. We strive to go that extra mile to serve you better. We also take pride in our compliance driven processes to match global professional expectations.


Authorized resellers of Adobe Licenses (Special offers on Adobe Educational Licenses of Adobe Creative Cloud)

Learning Olympiads

  • Website Management of Learning Olympiads
  • Participation, evaluation, payment gateway, communication and learning content management and enhancement
  • Beta Testing

Social Media Management



Wizfinity team has conducted workshops in various states of India and has been instrumental and have contributed to engage with more than 3000 principals across country for the promotion of technology content and mediums. The impact of these conferences have led to state level programs, engagement with partners for business volumes and mindset shifts towards technology embedment in educational policies.

Leadership at Wizfinity has been part of several national and international conferences to share and showcase their educational programs implemented in India with educators, schools and partners.

A conclusion meet was organized for Principals, Educators, Students, parents, key stakeholders, multilateral bodies like UNICEF, Adobe education – India, law enforcement agencies and industry where they deliberated on importance of on-line safety. This event was organized by NeGD wherein 106 countries participated and the event was inaugurated by Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi and was presided over by Minister of Information Technology Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad. Wizfinity coordinated with its partner and organized a pre-event on ‘Olympiad for Cyber Wellness – The Conclusion’ during GCCS 2017.

  • Wizfinity as knowledge partner of Adobe organized Principal’s Conference on ‘Creative Classrooms Towards Enhanced Digital Learning’.
  • A conference on Cyber Safety for children was conducted for the national chain of schools i.e., The Millennium School
  • Wizfinity leadership heads the technology training committee of Northern chapter of CII and thus leads several conferences around this committee
  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders organized by Indian Women Network – Delhi Chapter of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
    Women Independent Director’s Masterclass organized by CII

Round Tables

  • Conducted in the state of Uttar Pradesh for all senior government officials, private sector, NASSCOM and NGOs to discuss technology curriculum for the state.
  • Roundtables of Principals to conduct a survey on need for online safety campaigns.
  • Several roundtables of education stakeholders across country on multiple issues related to technology in education.

More than 300 stakeholders have attended the said roundtables.

National Contest

Wizfinity team was involved in:

Conducting National Leadership Awards (NLA) to identify and recognize school leaders who were truly motivated and inspirational leaders in education and had acted as “AGENTS OF CHANGE” in the ever changing pace of learning environment. 3700+ Principals participated from 25 states and UTs of India. The award ceremony was conducted in Bangalore in presence of MR. N R Narayana Murthy and Mr. S D Shibulal the founders of Infosys.

  • Contest for students of Engineering colleges, sponsored by IBM. The contest was partner sponsored and was part of Limca Book of Records for the volume of participation by engineering students in any one contest.
  • National contest for educators to identify innovative teachers who used technology to enhance classroom experiences. The volume of participation crossed 1,31,000. The contest was partner sponsored which culminated at the international education conference.

Awareness Campaigns

Wizfinity team was involved in:

  • Webinars to escalate awareness of technology applications beyond classrooms
  • Affordable Devices available in the market with its usage in classrooms
  • Training of English language and basic technology for outgoing jawans of SSC in Indian Army.
  • Conducting ‘Go to Market’ campaign for CSCs (Community Service Centers) as a program for entrepreneurs in rural India.
  • Successful completion of pilots in ‘Digital Classrooms’ in Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka

  • Technology usage workshops for Higher Education faculty conducted in 67 universities across India
  • Conducting Effective Teaching with Technology workshop for counselors and educators in Sri Lanka.
  • Principal’s conference organized by Education Quality Foundation of India in Delhi.
  • Language Proficiency promotion in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Punjab, Gujarat, Delhi, Haryana, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala through face to face events with consultants and through mobile van

Wizfinity is the knowledge partner for Online safety campaign ‘Digital Citizenship & Cyber Wellness Olympiad (DCCWO) 2018 Phase II and is managing the website in totality. The team interacted with Education Secretary in MHRD with regard to this campaign. The campaign is endorsed by MIETY, NeGD, Digital India and UNICEF.