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Information and Communication Technologies offer tremendous opportunities for children and youth to evolve as smart and vibrant 21st century citizens, working and competing effectively in the global economy. The new technology has changed the perspective of learners’ access to knowledge resources, share information, express their views and connect with one another and with the world. According to a recent research study by Common Sense Media concluded “children spend more time with media and digital activities than with their families or in school, which profoundly impacts their social, emotional, and physical development.” As per these trends parents, educators, policymakers, and industry owes a responsibility to empower children & youth to leverage maximum potential of ICT by being responsible Digital Citizens by creating and managing safe spaces for themselves and respecting others’ privacy....

In India, Internet penetration has grown at an exponential rate; the country has the second largest user base after China of 420+ million. India has also surpassed United States in the number of social media users. However, the question arises that how safe are we in this digital world? What are we doing to protect our digital footprints and how should we enhance our safety on the digital platform?

Since technology has become an indispensable part of our lives, we must educate people on integrating it into our work and personal lives in a way that improves our lives, and is less distracting from the personal and valuable things in life like the quality of our connections with family and peer groups. To do this, we need to increase conversations among all, on how best to make choices to bring a balance between their online and offline world, and continue to maintain healthy relationships.

About Digi Abhyas

An Educational & Skilling Program on balancing technology with relationships for Digital Wellbeing

With the increasing availability and need for mobile devices with cheaper data and Internet access, they have become necessary for a connected and productive daily life, at work and socially. This rising ubiquity and usage has impacted the time and attention people pay to their relationships, in families, and among friends.


Program Impact

The Digi-Abhyas program will impact 15,00,000 students across 35 cities as well as meaningfully touch 14,550 teachers, 650 counsellors and 25,00,000 parents through on-ground and online workshops with teachers and counselors and orientation and communication with students and parents.

Target Audience

The Digi-Abhyas program is targeted towards school children between the age group of 13 to 18 years while at the same time bringing within its purview parents, teachers and school counselors who play a dominating role in the holistic development of young adults.


Program Methodology

The Digi-अभ्यास program will follow a cascading ‘train-the-trainer’ learning model where teachers and counselors will be trained with the relevant knowledge to help them guide students in navigating a technology immersive society. The trainers cultivated via this model will also conduct orientation sessions with students and parents, outside of their schools, to help them strike a balance between life and technology. Expert trainers and mental health professionals will be present to co-facilitate teachers in conducting the orientation sessions with students and parents.

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