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Ms. Raj Bala


Ms. Rajbala, the Director at Wizfinity Edusolutions has 44 years of experience in establishing and running government schools. She has been the founder Member-Secretary of governing body and also Academic Advisor of Navyug Schools. She was responsible for starting a chain of 11 Navyug Schools and was also the Principal, Navyug School, New Delhi. Her hobbies includes exploring new places of tourism, reading and watching good serials on TV and Trying New recipes.

Ms. Promila Arun Bij


A Post graduate in Public Administration, system analyst and an author Promila works as President with Wizfinity Edusolutions. With more than 31 years of experience in education environment, her work focuses on academic empowerment and professional development through integration of ICT in education. She has a distinguished track record of successfully leading process-driven large cross functional teams for design and execution of diverse projects. Besides being in serious business of technology and education, her interests include dancing, traveling, meeting people and organising learning activities. Her favourite entertainment channels revolve around culinary expertise and talk-shows. Promila thoroughly enjoys her rapport and reputation as being a mother-hen to her young team members. She leads by setting examples and driving synergies as front-runner.


Mr. S. Sundaresan

Chief Financial Officer

A Chartered Accountant with over 3 decades of experience in various industries including developmental organization, manufacturing, consulting and health care. As CFO at Wizfinity Edusolutions, he is currently driving processes and compliance besides managing the Finance of the company. He is responsible for strategic planning, establishing budgetary controls and keen to align the best practices through the process of audits and internal controls. With a regular fitness regime, Mr. Sundaresan enjoys staying updated with current affairs, listen to music and watch light comedy shows.

Ms. Ashima Singh

General Manager

Qualified educationist with M Phil in Education and B.Ed, Ashima holds over 14 years of experience in educational project management. Ashima in involved in academic projects from conceptualisation to implementation to impact study. Presently working as General Manager with Wizfinity Edusolutions Pvt Ltd; Ashima is part of the core leadership team to accelerate Wizfinity’s industrious engagement in the education environment. She enjoys traveling, watching movies and good music.


Mr. Gaurav Ganger

Assistant General Manager

An IT professional with more than 8 years of experience in handling projects based on Microsoft Technologies. Gaurav’s current role at Wizfinty Edusolutions as Assistant General Manager is to ensure on-line management of projects to enhance efficiency and reach through technology. While conducting and organising technical empowerment through webinars remains his favourite; he has keen interest in running marathons, listening to music and watching educational lectures using YouTube.

Ms. Stuti Gupta

Lead Operations

Energetic and hardworking professional, Stuti being the backbone of all projects at Wizfinity Edusolutions efficiently handles operations, field accounts and logistics at Wizfinity. With over more than 10 years of experience in this domain, Stuti is a key member of the Wizfinity corp team. A beautiful dancer by hobby, she keeps the office alive with choicest of music always running in the background to keep everyone humming in the most challenging times. Stuti enjoys a reputation of being jovial yet firm account owner with teams across.




Left – Right (Front row) – Mr. S. Sundaresan, Ms. Ashima Singh, Ms. Promila A. Bij, Ms. Rajbala, Ms. Stuti Gupta, Ms. Vinci Parashar, Ms.Rakhi Jawaria, Ms. Ankeeta Bezboruah Left – Right (Second Row) – Mr. Rahul Singhal, Mr. Sandeep Tomar, Mr. Gaurav Ganger, Mr. Abhishek Paul, Mr. Ankit Katiyar, Mr. Tarun Panwar, Mr. Sanjay Robinson


Wizfinity strongly values teams of consultants who guide, monitor and charter our path to success:


An Educational & Skilling Program on balancing technology with relationships for Digital Wellbeing

With the increasing availability and need for mobile devices with cheaper data and Internet access, they have become necessary for a connected and productive daily life, at work and socially. This rising ubiquity and usage has impacted the time and attention people pay to their relationships, in families, and among friends. There has been a growing concern about the distracting effect of heavy use of these devices extensively everyday on students and family relations.

Earlier in 2019 during an interaction with parents, PM Modi responded to a mother worried about the time her son spent on games on his phone very clearly, saying "Technology has two sides. Like everything else, technology, too, comes with its positives and negatives. As parents, we must guide our children to get the most from technology"

With similar goals, Liquid Works, a stakeholder and community engagement firm, conceptualized a countrywide initiative called 'Digi-Abhyas' that is aimed at 'Empowering digital citizens to effectively navigate a technology immersive society by helping them develop a balance between life, their relationships and technology.'

Liquid Works in association with other organizations and mental health experts have formed a consortium to bring awareness among children, parents, schoolteachers, counsellors and adults on tools, techniques to develop a balance between their use of technology and maintaining healthy relationships. The curriculum for the workshops is developed by experts from the field of cyber citizenship, cyber security, and reputed mental health professionals and shall be vetted by NCERT faculty.

The idea is to generate awareness about the concept of Digital Wellbeing while focusing on how to develop a positive and healthy relationship with technology by leveraging it to nurture relationships, improve productivity, foster learning and contribute to a holistic life rather than distract from it. For more details on the program, please visit www.digiabhyas.org.