Empowering personalities

Our program approach is aligned to meet the vision, mission and objectives of all stakeholders i.e., the partner or associate, the implementer and the beneficiary. To be successful in meeting the goal, we believe in completing the program cycle of any program we undertake i.e., from conceptualization to sustainable exit.


⦁ Conceptualize
⦁ Setup
⦁ Create
⦁ Implementation
    * Train
    * Monitor
    * Assess
    * Evaluate
    * Showcase
    * Improvise
⦁ Closure with sustainable exit


Our capacity building trainings include technical trainings, soft skills training, Skill training, Training on digital citizenship and cyber safety and much more.

We have been working with students, teachers, school leaders higher education faculty and education service providers, in building capapcity and professional development for a variety of requirements. We have helped our partners in customizing their programs and implementing them successfully with measurable impact.

The current program Digi Abhyas is an educational and skill building program which focuses on balancing technology with relationships for Digital Well-being. The program aims to impact 15,00,000 students across 35 cities as well as meaningfully touch 14,550 teachers, 650 counsellors and 25,00,000 parents through on-ground and online workshops and create a sustainable model.

In addition, Wizfinity is the training partner for the Khan Academy school adoption team. The team provides implementation support and mentoring to schools attempting to adopt khan academy solutions in their classrooms.