Wizfinity is a platform to partner for learning and showcasing opportunities in the education ecosystem. We are proud to contribute to a programmatic approach from inception to objective based outcomes and exit with sustainability plan in place. We aim at making learning a creative paradigm to build a character in future ready generation that is with a skill to adopt and adapt ever-changing scenarios. Our education solutions are constantly evolving to support creativity in education system leveraging the optimum use of technology along with conventional modes of teaching and learning.

The learning and innovative practice of any program needs recognition to add to the motivation parameter. Hence, we have the expertise in conducting showcase events / contests/ recognition opportunities that brings visibility and recognition to all stake holders across programs.

We are dedicated to adhere to the highest moral and ethical values and legal conduct towards professional learnings through our compliance and structured processes. We aim to implement a synergy that is expected to positively impact the educational world and beyond.

Who We Work With

Wizfinity works with NGOs, IT corporates, schools, global technology supply chain service providers, education solutions providers and international education assessment and evaluation organizations.