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We, at Wizfinity Edusolutions provide world class and highly satisfactory technology solutions specifically for K12 and Higher Education. We focus on meeting the needs and vision of our partners to provide solutions across verticals i.e., content curation, IT consulting, business technology etc. that benefit them in adopting technology and enhancing teaching learning experience. Through our technology solutions;


We partner with educational institutions and our army of highly skilled professionals across all domains research, analyze, interpret and understand their technology requirements. We then design customized programs to help our partners conceptualise, implement, analyse and improvise sustainable programs successfully with pre and post exit strategies.









As part of our various offerings, we work with schools and help them foster digital skills and enhance creativity in the classrooms through various educational programs. Under Adobe Udaan program; we are proud to be the implementation partner for Adobe in India. As on date, we have partnered with multiple schools in North India and are aiming to support them with deployment of Adobe Creative Cloud Applications and training of educators on how to embed technology in classroom for better student learning outcome and providing showcase and recognition opportunities to schools, educators and students.

Some of our key solutions:

We continue to build trust with our clients through our passionate program execution strategies and improvisations of our core services to deliver cohesive solutions and services. We ensure that our offerings are in alignment with the strategic goals and objectives of our prospective partners. We strive to go that extra mile to serve you better. We also take pride in our compliance driven processes to match global professional expectations.


Authorized resellers of Adobe Licenses(Special offers on Adobe Educational Licenses of Adobe Creative Cloud)


Drafting and Conducting Webinars for educational organizations

An Educational & Skilling Program on balancing technology with relationships for Digital Wellbeing

With the increasing availability and need for mobile devices with cheaper data and Internet access, they have become necessary for a connected and productive daily life, at work and socially. This rising ubiquity and usage has impacted the time and attention people pay to their relationships, in families, and among friends. There has been a growing concern about the distracting effect of heavy use of these devices extensively everyday on students and family relations.

Earlier in 2019 during an interaction with parents, PM Modi responded to a mother worried about the time her son spent on games on his phone very clearly, saying "Technology has two sides. Like everything else, technology, too, comes with its positives and negatives. As parents, we must guide our children to get the most from technology"

With similar goals, Liquid Works, a stakeholder and community engagement firm, conceptualized a countrywide initiative called 'Digi-Abhyas' that is aimed at 'Empowering digital citizens to effectively navigate a technology immersive society by helping them develop a balance between life, their relationships and technology.'

Liquid Works in association with other organizations and mental health experts have formed a consortium to bring awareness among children, parents, schoolteachers, counsellors and adults on tools, techniques to develop a balance between their use of technology and maintaining healthy relationships. The curriculum for the workshops is developed by experts from the field of cyber citizenship, cyber security, and reputed mental health professionals and shall be vetted by NCERT faculty.

The idea is to generate awareness about the concept of Digital Wellbeing while focusing on how to develop a positive and healthy relationship with technology by leveraging it to nurture relationships, improve productivity, foster learning and contribute to a holistic life rather than distract from it. For more details on the program, please visit