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Towards – Enlightened, Aware & Creative Learning Community

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To bring inspiration & creativity in teaching learning environment leading to flexible and more adapting future ready generation.

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An education consulting company that can change anything.

Wizfinity Edusolutions Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally managed progressive organization to meet the ever changing demands of the education environment. Wizfinity is established by a leadership team of passionate educationists and professionals who have hands-on experience in various aspects of educational delivery, assessment, evaluation, contests, and technology solutions and beyond.



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Capacity Building

We believe in aligning our program approach to meet the vision and objective of all stakeholders concerned i.e. the partner or associate, the implementer and the beneficiary. To be successful in meeting the goal, we believe in 360° approach to any program i.e., from conceptualization to sustainable exit.

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In the digital era that all of us live today; irrespective of our choice, it becomes imperative to use technology in our daily learning life. Team’s work experience with major IT organizations includes content development, content training and professional development of educators using technology thus giving that extra edge to our confidence towards inclusion of creative use of technology in learning content.

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Language Proficiency

Very student aspires a bright future for oneself! These aspirations have to be supported through higher education and global exposure. The means and opportunities are measurable and through limited resources.

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Technology Solutions

We, at Wizfinity Edusolutions provide world class and highly satisfactory technology solutions specifically for K12 and Higher Education. We focus on meeting the needs and vision of our partners to provide solutions across verticals i.e., content curation, IT consulting, business technology etc. that benefit them in adopting technology and enhancing teaching learning experience. Through our technology solutions.

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Wizfinity team has conducted workshops in various states of India and has been instrumental and have contributed to engage with more than 3000 principals across country for the promotion of technology content and mediums. The impact of these conferences have led to state level programs, engagement with partners for business volumes and mindset shifts towards technology embedment in educational policies.

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Information and Communication Technologies offer tremendous opportunities for children and youth to evolve as smart and vibrant 21st century citizens, working and competing effectively in the global economy. The new technology has changed the perspective of learners’ access to knowledge resources, share information, express their views and connect with one another and with the world.


The premium English Proficiency TOEFL® test is designed to prepare test taker for the academic environment and campus based situations. It measures the ability of a test taker to use and understand English as it's read, written, heard and spoken in academic setting.

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Wizfinity team has conducted workshops in various states of India and has been instrumental and have contributed

Round Tables

Conducted in the state of Uttar Pradesh for all senior government officials, private sector, NASSCOM and NGOs


National Contest

Conducting National Leadership Awards (NLA) to identify and recognize school leaders who were truly motivated

Awareness Campaigns

Wizfinity team was involved in webinars to escalate awareness of technology applications beyond classrooms



Wizfinity strongly values teams of consultants who guide, monitor and charter our path to success:


An Educational & Skilling Program on balancing technology with relationships for Digital Wellbeing

With the increasing availability and need for mobile devices with cheaper data and Internet access, they have become necessary for a connected and productive daily life, at work and socially. This rising ubiquity and usage has impacted the time and attention people pay to their relationships, in families, and among friends. There has been a growing concern about the distracting effect of heavy use of these devices extensively everyday on students and family relations.

Earlier in 2019 during an interaction with parents, PM Modi responded to a mother worried about the time her son spent on games on his phone very clearly, saying "Technology has two sides. Like everything else, technology, too, comes with its positives and negatives. As parents, we must guide our children to get the most from technology"

With similar goals, Liquid Works, a stakeholder and community engagement firm, conceptualized a countrywide initiative called 'Digi-Abhyas' that is aimed at 'Empowering digital citizens to effectively navigate a technology immersive society by helping them develop a balance between life, their relationships and technology.'

Liquid Works in association with other organizations and mental health experts have formed a consortium to bring awareness among children, parents, schoolteachers, counsellors and adults on tools, techniques to develop a balance between their use of technology and maintaining healthy relationships. The curriculum for the workshops is developed by experts from the field of cyber citizenship, cyber security, and reputed mental health professionals and shall be vetted by NCERT faculty.

The idea is to generate awareness about the concept of Digital Wellbeing while focusing on how to develop a positive and healthy relationship with technology by leveraging it to nurture relationships, improve productivity, foster learning and contribute to a holistic life rather than distract from it. For more details on the program, please visit